Mathworks Matlab R2018b (9.5.0) (Mac OS X)

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    Mathworks Matlab R2018b (9.5.0) MacOS x64 | 11.6 Gb
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    The MathWorks product team is pleased to announce the availability of MATLAB R2018b (version New tools for building apps, writing scripts, and team-based software development. More options for data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning.

    What is Matlab ?
    MATLAB is a high-level technical calculations language, an interactive development environment for algorithms and a modern data analysis tool. Compared to traditional programming languages ??(C / C ++, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN), MATLAB makes it possible to shorten the time needed to solve typical problems by an order of magnitude and greatly simplifies the development of new algorithms. MATLAB is the foundation of the entire MathWorks product family and is the main tool for solving a wide range of scientific and applied problems in such areas as: object modeling and control system development, communication system design, signal and image processing, signal measurement and testing, financial modeling, computational biology, etc.
    The MATLAB kernel makes it as easy as possible to work with matrices of real, complex and analytical data types. Contains built-in functions of linear algebra (LAPACK, BLAS), fast Fourier transform (FFTW), functions for working with polynomials, functions of basic statistics and the numerical solution of differential equations. All built-in functions of the MATLAB kernel are designed and optimized by experts and work faster or in the same way as their equivalent in C / C ++

    Key features
    - Platform-independent, high-level programming language focused on matrix computations and algorithm development
    - Interactive environment for developing code, managing files and data
    - Functions of linear algebra, statistics, Fourier analysis, solving differential equations, etc.
    - Rich visualization tools, 2-D and 3-D graphics
    - Built-in user interface design tools for building complete MATLAB applications.
    - C / C ++ integration tools, code inheritance, ActiveX technology
    - Convenient simulation in Simulink environment
    - And much more

    Product: MathWorks MATLAB
    Version: R2018b (version
    Supported Architectures: x64
    System Requirements: MacOsx
    Supported Operating Systems: MacOS Mojave (10.14), High Sierra (10.13), Sierra (10.12)
    Size: 11.6 Gb

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